We’re #1 In Something…

We’re #1 in International Free-Agent spending according to a Baseball America report last week.

This doesn’t seem like much but when people complain about how we don’t spend money to bring in “hitters” take a look at the list and see that we spent more than the big dog Yankees to bring in premium talent into the organization. This also doesn’t take into account how much the Mariners originally signed Esteilon Peguero.

When you consider that into the equation you realize that the Mariners are bringing in high quality, first rate talent and willing to pay to get them.

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Player Bonuses
1. Mariners $6.47 million
2. Yankees $5.27 million
3. Astros $5.13 million
4. Pirates $5.00 million
5. Athletics $4.73 million
6. Blue Jays $4.18 million
7. Cubs $4.16 million
8. Rangers $3.57 million
9. Braves $3.28 million
10. Padres $2.75 million
11. Royals $2.70 million
12. Twins $2.54 million
13. Tigers $2.53 million
14. Cardinals $2.47 million
15. Indians $2.47 million
16. Rockies $1.96 million
17. Rays $1.73 million
18. Mets $1.69 million
19. Red Sox $1.64 million
20. Reds $1.56 million
21. Phillies $1.49 million
22. Diamondbacks $1.42 million
23. Brewers $1.39 million
24. Marlins $1.19 million
25. Orioles $1.18 million
26. Nationals $853,000.00
27. Giants $849,000.00
28. Angels $617,000.00
29. White Sox $345,000.00
30. Dodgers $314,000.00

Then below you look at who we all brought into the organization in comparison to the rest of the league and it’s a solid mix of talent. A couple of Pitchers, one of the top outfielders and the arguably the best middle infielder available.

One note: Yordyn Calderon (#29th overall), I’ve seen as a third basemen and then is below credited to be outfielder

1. Adonys Cardona RHP Blue Jays 16 Venezuela $2.8 million
T-2. Luis Heredia RHP Pirates 16 Mexico $2.6 million
T-2. Ariel Ovando OF Astros 16 Dominican Republic $2.6 million
T-4. Phillips Castillo OF Mariners 16 Dominican Republic $2.2 million
T-4. Renato Nunez 3B Athletics 16 Venezuela $2.2 million
6. Edward Salcedo SS Braves 18 Dominican Republic $1.6 million
7. Carlos Martinez RHP Cardinals 18 Dominican Republic $1.5 million
8. Jorge Alfaro C Rangers 16 Colombia $1.3 million
9. Danry Vasquez OF Tigers 16 Dominican Republic $1.2 million
T-10. Humberto Arteaga SS Royals 16 Venezuela $1.1 million
T-10. Esteilon Peguero SS Mariners 17 Dominican Republic $1.1 million
12. Orlando Calixte SS Royals 18 Dominican Republic $1 million
13. Duanel Jones 3B Padres 16 Dominican Republic $900,000.00
14. Jose Torres RHP Mariners 16 Colombia $851,000.00
15. Jin-Young Kim RHP Cubs 17 South Korea $850,000.00
T-16. Yoel Araujo OF Rays 16 Dominican Republic $800,000.00
T-16. Vicmal de la Cruz OF Athletics 16 Dominican Republic $800,000.00
18. Gabriel Cenas 3B Blue Jays 16 Venezuela $700,000.00
19. Wilmer Romero OF Yankees 16 Dominican Republic $656,500.00
T-20. Luis Pina LHP Mariners 16 Venezuela $650,000.00
T-20. Christopher Tamarez SS Yankees 16 Dominican Republic $650,000.00
22. Argenis Raga C Athletics 16 Venezuela $580,000.00
23. Javier Pimentel SS Twins 16 Dominican Republic $575,000.00
24. Carlos Penalver SS Cubs 16 Venezuela $550,000.00
25. Wagner Mateo OF Diamondbacks 17 Dominican Republic $512,500.00
T-26. Jeimer Candelario 3B Cubs 16 Dominican Republic $500,000.00
T-26. Jose Rafael DePaula RHP Yankees 19 Dominican Republic $500,000.00
T-26. Edwin Moreno OF Padres 17 Dominican Republic $500,000.00
29. Yordyn Calderon OF Mariners 16 Dominican Republic $477,500.00
30. Eduardo Rivera RHP Yankees 17 Dominican Republic $475,000.00

This list doesn’t include RHP Rigoberto Garcia and LHP Erick Gomez also signed by the Mariners. Not only did they sign a solid group of guys but 4 of these guys were ranked in the Top-20 of international prospects. Matt Garrioch also put together a ranking of the international signees too.

So when complaining about the fact the Mariners never sign “big bats’ just remind yourself we have… they just haven’t arrived yet.

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  • http://www.marinercentral.com Lonnie

    I’m getting conflicting reports on the overall quality of the talent that came out of the International market 2010. Some are saying that the talent level was down and that the bonuses paid were in the “stupid” level.

    We’ll see, but I’m thinking more and more that the money spent on IFA’s could be better spent in the draft. Not all of it, but a good proportion.


    • Harrison Crow

      Now, that’s a subject I would love to talk to you at length about. :)

      • Coug1990

        I would love to hear your thoughts about the subject. I know Churchill thinks the same way as Lonnie.

        In North America, they are drafting and projecting 18-21 year olds. Regarding IFA’s, they are projecting and signing 16 year olds.

        Plus, scouts are able to watch players against much better competition in the UW versus IFA’s.

        However, the Mariners do have one of the best IFA scouts in Engle. So…..

  • http://www.marinercentral.com Lonnie

    Coug1990 sez:
    “However, the Mariners do have one of the best IFA scouts in Engle. So…..”

    I keep hearing this, and I have wonder why he is thought of like this. I guess it is based upon the level of talent that has made it to the Mariners over the years like Felix Hernandez, and…. and…. um….. er…. Jose Lopez? Ok, Pineda was also a kid that he signed, so I guess we can add him to the list, so that’s one superstar, one sub-average MLB player, and one budding pitcher.

    To me, the hype just doesn’t add up.


    • Harrison Crow

      I think there is more to it than just the guys in the major leagues. Engle is always with the top talent and he’s always got the Mariners invovled in any discussion with the top latin talent. That’s not the case for many organizations even when they are the first to the talent.

      They may not produce a lot of “top end” talent as far as major league product but that’s hardly his fault. Just looking at the names he’s brough into the organiztion is quiet staggering.

      and that’s just who he’s “credited” for signing. He’s been more involved with scouting and pointing out talent.

  • http://www.marinercentral.com Lonnie

    Oh, I realize that there is more to it than just the players who have made it to the Mariners over the years, but isn’t the ultimate metric?

    Granted, once a kid is signed it is up to the development people to whip the kid into shape, so maybe it isn’t Engle’s fault that the M’s have come up empty year after year.

    Regardless, I think that the brand of player coming out of Latin America doesn’t mesh well with the game as it is played here in the U.S.. More emphasis has to be placed on these kids to have a more rounded game. Sure, they are, one and all, young and have a lot of learning yet to do, but so much emphasis in placed on hitting the ball that they come into the system hugely lacking in other areas.

    I most firmly believe that money spent on position players in the IFA market is for the most part, wasted. More attention (money) should be placed on the young pitchers rather than position players. My own personal strategy would be to target IFA pitchers, and target U.S. position players. I would do this until there is a shift in the paradigm in Latin America towards rounding players out.