It's Here: 51-75

It took some work… but at long last, as promised, here is the prospect watch list 51-75 rankings. I’ve spent about two hours looking at it and here is the most important thing, not changed any rankings.

The list consists primarily of relievers with potential, and young unproven talent with a few guys that had college success mixed in just for fun.

Again my usual disclaimer: This isn’t a prospect listing. This is more of a watch list that I alone completed. If you feel an injustice has occurred please let me know,  I certainly realize there are something that can be debated and I’m willing to discuss it in a rational manner.

The point to this is to create intelligent discussion and awareness of prospects in the Mariners organization. I am not a professional and all I’m attempting to do is to enhance the enjoyment of watching baseball.

With that out of the way, have at thee!

51 Brandol Perez 17 LHSP IFA Arizona League
52 Tyler Burgoon 21 RHRP 2010 Draft (10) (low A) Clinton
53 Vicente “Jose” Campos 17 RHSP IFA Arizona League
54 Nick Hill 26 LHRP 2007 Draft (7) (AAA)Tacoma
55 Gabriel Noriega 20 SS IFA (A) High Desert
56 Bobby LaFromboise 24 LHSP 2008 Draft (8) (AA) Jackson
57 Ivan Ramirez 17 C IFA Arizona League
58 Tyler Blandford 23 RHRP 2009 Draft (5) (low A) Clinton
59 Jharmidy De Jesus 21 1b/3b IFA (low A) Clinton
60 Charles Kaalekahi 18 RHSP 2010 Draft (15) (Short Season) Everett
61 Alfredo Morales 18 CF IFA (Short Season) Pulaski
62 Stephen Penney 24 RHRP 2008 Draft (29) (AA) Jackson
63 Jose Torres 16 RHSP IFA VSL
64 Jorden Merry 23 RHRP 2009 Draft (40) (AA) Jackson
65 Luke Taylor 18 RHSP 2010 Draft (9) (Short Season) Pulaski
66 Chris Kirkland 25 RHRP 2008 Draft (36) (AA) Jackson
67 Joseph Dunigan 24 OF 2007 Draft (5) (AA) Jackson
68 Mario Martinez 21 1b/3b IFA (A) High Desert
69 Dylan Unsworth 18 RHSP IFA (Short Season) Pulaski
70 Jake Shaffer 23 OF 2008 Draft (15) (AA) Jackson
71 Christian Carmichael 18 C 2010 Draft (6) (Short Season) Everett
72 Taylor Stanton 23 RHSP 2008 Draft (26) (A) High Desert
73 Matt Browning 23 3b 2010 Draft (43) (low A) Clinton
74 Brandon Josselyn 24 RHRP 2009 Draft (25) (A) High Desert
75 Daniel Carroll 22 OF 2007 Draft (3) (A) High Desert

Note: links will be added when it’s added to the Top-100 rankings

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