Erik Bedard: More Results, Less Exciting

REMINDER: Spring Training is not about stats. So when you see that Erik Bedard struck out another 4 guys through two innings you have to look at it beyond the results. Such as he threw  34 pitches. 21 pitches for strikes and 13 pitches for balls, all of a sudden it’s a little less impressive.  Then, you look at two strikeouts that were on full counts and a walk.

He just threw a lot of fastballs that were inconsistent in their spotting. Maybe that was something he was working on… maybe he just had some issues. I will be fair, looking at the pitch fx on the walk to Austin Kerns, the curve ball looks like it comes pretty close to the strike zone. I’m not entirely certain that it wasn’t a strike, which would have given him a fifth strikeout.

The good news is that he started off at 89 mph and topped off at 91-92 mph. Which is promising and hopefully he will continue to be consistent in his velocity going forward. Just something to think about this afternoon.

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