Mariners Sign Bad Vlad’s Nephew

According to the ever insightful Ben Badler, the Mariners have signed yet another International Free-Agent. 17-year-old Dominican outfielder Gabriel Guerrero for 400,000. He of course has the distinction of being Vladimir Guerreros’ nephew.

Here is Badler’s short scouting report:

Guerrero, a big-bodied righthanded-hitter, has shown good raw power and has made improvements at the plate and in the field since he became eligible to sign last year on July 2. He projects as a corner outfielder with an solid arm.

Outside of that scouting report there isn’t much news on him. I imagine he’ll most likely start with the Mariners DSL team. Does make one wonder …. hmmmmmm

Brett Miller’s comments:

So I don’t really know anything about the kid, other than that he’s a right-handed hitting outfielder, but Baseball America gave a brief overview. Hopefully he isn’t the Michael Garciaparra to Vlad’s Nomar...

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