2011 Means No Ian Snell

Going into 2011, the pitching staff is a bit in disaray. It’s easy to forget and lose sight of where we were at just last year. Hoping that Ian Snell would regain some semblance of who he once was or who we all had thought he once was.

Well take a gander at how that hope turned out for us.

SNELL 110.2 121 63 64 63 17 81

Yes, kids. We sat through 110 2/3 innings of Ian Snell pitching, spanning a year and a half. During that time frame he walked more than he struck out and gave up over a hit an inning. All the while, he pitched in front of one of the premier defensive baseball teams in pitchers park.

Well that is mildly depressing.

If you haven’t committed suicide yet and are still reading this post just be comforted in the fact there is no Ian Snell in 2011.

Of course we still do have Erik Bedard.

I really should have thought this post through a little better…

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