A New Era is Upon Us

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And that era, is the era of Guti. That’s right – Torii Hunter’s undeserved reign is over, as the league’s gold glove winners were announced today. Naturally, Ichiro won his tenth, and only one year late, Franklin Gutierrez will receive his first. The other AL outfield award went to Carl Crawford (who is actually deserving!).

We all know that the gold glove, specifically, is one of the most meaningless awards in the sport, but Guti winning one is still pretty cool, if only for the fact that he’s finally getting some recognition, despite the team being terrible. The ironic part, though, is that he was actually much better, both defensively and offensively, in 2009. You’ve just gotta work on your timing, gold glove voters.

Here are all of the AL Winners, with their 2010 UZR’s:

C: Joe Mauer, N/A

1B: Mark Teixeira, -2.9

2B: Robinson Cano, -0.6 (hasn’t had a positive UZR since 2007)

3B: Evan Longoria, 11.1

SS: Derek Jeter, -4.7

OF: Ichiro, 15.6

OF: Franklin Gutierrez, 7.3

OF: Carl Crawford, 18.5

So really, when you ignore the token Yankee winners, the voters didn’t do a half bad job this time around.

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