Four Potential Managers to be Interviewed

It was reported by Shannon Drayer earlier today that the Mariners will be interviewing four potential managerial candidates this week. The four guys are John Gibbons, Eric Wedge (formerly of the Cleveland Indians), Bobby Valentine, and Cecil Cooper (formerly of the Astros). Gibbons’ name has been mentioned before, and it’s no surprise to see Bobby Valentine in the mix, as he’s been discussed as a candidate for quite some time now. As for Wedge and Cooper, this is really the first we’ve heard.

Overall, a pretty interesting list of guys. It’d be impossible to speculate on which of them would be the best fit, so I won’t attempt to. That being said, I’m not thrilled with the idea of giving the job to Valentine – the other three, I’d have no qualms with.

Also, the team apparently aims to have their next manager in place by the World Series, so we shouldn’t have to wait real long.

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