Heads Up

With the way the season has unfolded, it’s natural to be pretty disappointed with the League/Morrow trade, but there was another piece of that trade that hasn’t been talked about as much, and his name is Johermyn Chavez. At the time of the deal he was drawing comparisons to Greg Halman, which is reasonable, but he strikes out significantly less, walks more, and has just as much raw power.

The strikeouts are still something that need to be cut down on, but in 2010, his first year of high-A ball, he’s OPS’d .970 and posted his highest walk rate since 2007, at 8.4%. He’s also only 21, and clearly ready to tackle AA pitching. With his skill set, he could turn into something really exciting, really quick. Brandon League may not be living up to his potential, but he, in the long run, might only be a minor part of how we look at this deal.

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