Mike Sweeney Traded

According to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports, the Mariners have traded Mike Sweeney to the Phillies for a PTBNL. Well, I certainly didn’t see this one coming. Sweeney has actually been good this year, posting a .354 wOBA, though frequent injuries have only allowed him to accumulate 110 plate appearances.

Mike’s time in Seattle has certainly had its moments – shaving cream pies, threatening to fight teammates, promoting the nicknames ‘Paper Boy” and “FiFi”, among others. I think what I’ll remember him most for, though, will be his general likability, and the relationship he formed with Ichiro. The post-walk-off interactions those two shared were some of my favorite moments from the 2009 season. Much like Griffey, Mike Sweeney was seemingly able to form bonds with everyone around him, and while the team not sucking certainly helped, I can’t deny that he was a part of what made last year such a special thing to watch.

It really is a shame that his career has been derailed by injuries, because if anyone deserves prolonged success, it’s him. So Mike, good luck in Philadelphia, and I really hope you can manage to stay healthy.

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