Off-Day Thoughts

The M’s have pulled off two straight wins.  I’d almost forgotten how it feels to win consecutive games.  More importantly, I’d forgotten how it feels to be satisfied with one of Don Wakamatsu’s lineups.  I have to give the man credit – yesterday’s lineup was pretty much the optimal Mariners lineup if the goal of which is to score as many runs as possible.

  • Fister’s xFIP is more than two runs higher than his ERA.
  • Michael Saunders looks ready to start every day in left, or at least 75% of the time.  He’s a slick fielder, has plus speed, has some pop in his bat, and makes good contact.  Why he was out of the lineup for an entire week, I cannot fathom.
  • Enjoy every Cliff Lee start you can.  Watch him pitch in a Mariners uniform.  Time is running short, so do yourself a favor and get to that.
  • Let’s deal Cliff Lee to the Reds for Johnny Cueto.  This is both probable and makes sense.  [Sarcasm!]
  • The M’s are only 7.5 games back.  We could still technically pull another “Refuse To Lose” campaign, with a few obvious transactions.  [Griffey, Sweeney, etc.]
  • I’m going to go on record and say that I think tRA is a superior pitching analysis metric than FIP and xFIP.  I originally had my doubts about tRA and whether simpler metrics like FIP or xFIP were more or less telling, but I now fully endorse tRA.  What changed?  I figured out how the park-adjustment works, and it’s really, really well done.
  • The Mariners’ winning percentage on the season is more than 100 points lower than that of the Nationals.
  • Texas and Oakland are both 18-9 at home.
  • Every team in the NL East has a record at or above the .500 mark.
  • Steve Phillips advocated for the Nats to trade Stephen Strasburg for Roy Oswalt.  This is a man who is paid to talk about baseball.  Seriously.

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  • mikey98208

    Are you not the guy that was telling me a few weeks ago that we should keep Lee for the season?

    Anyway for the first time this season we AGREE on something. I beleive that putting Lee on the trade market is a wise idea. However i would if i was Jack Z, speak with Lee and his agent and see if they can ink a long term deal. Farfetched i know but worth having a cup of coffee and talking. I think we could do a lot more wrong then putting Rob Johnson as the perm back up only in case of an emergency catcher, inking in Bard in the starter spot until Moore gets back and trade them back and forth until Moore gets his feet solid. When moore is back use Johnson as possible trade bait which would not be much or outright release him. I wont talk about doing anything else with Sweeney until his avg falls below 250 again. As far as how far back we 7.5 games!! Not a big deal right now there is still a lot of baseball to be played. We only have 3 other teams to worry about, and those teams are struggling as well. I dont see anyone in the AL west running away from the pack anytime really soon. Texas is only 4 games above .500 and Oak is only 3… It aint over yet, if our bats come alive and our pitching and defense continue to do what they have all season we are the best team in the division, and sure contender in the playoffs…

    • Taylor

      Nowhere in this article do I seriously advocate for the Mariners to deal Cliff Lee. Brush up on your reading comprehension skills.

      But nonetheless, I do appreciate your optimism about the season. I’m looking forward to some improved Mariners baseball from here on out, and hopefully a playoff appearance.

  • mikey98208

    You may have been sarcastic, but it was absolutley the truth. Lee is not going to sign with us unless we can come up with Yankee money. You may have been employing sarcasm, but it was very much what is going to happen.

    What really floors me about this site is that when someone comments on a blog that is posted to this site, the auther resorts to insults. I am a well educated person, my reading comprehension is just fine.

    This website is a joke, and i will not come back. The only thing I can assume, is that it is run by several young kids that site in there rooms eating doritos and drinking Monsters all night..

    • Griffin Cooper

      It’s not that we like insulting our commenters, Mike, it’s that you’re an exceptionally annoying one. You not only come here and post comments doing things like defending Griffey vigorously and insisting that he still has something left, or bashing Erik Bedard, or rambling on in a completely irrational fashion about what this team needs to do, but you also resort to arguing with me on Twitter, and even Facebook. Feel free to not come back.

  • griff from first

    This site would be a lot more enjoyable if you stopped using retarded stats(i.e. xFIP) or at least explained what they were or had some kinda glossary?? Either that or just stick to the basics, who cares about these stupid abstract stats. I’ve actually been coming to this site for a while and that’s the only thing that’s been frustrating me, having to go and google or wikipedia these stupid stats that don’t matte(tra, fip???? I’m at work on my phone, gimme a freakin break!!) Other than that go Ms!! And cliff was awesome last night! And when’s bedard comin back?

  • griff from first

    That makes things clearer thanks! (Although I still like my era stat) Keep up the good work!!

    And hey mike your a d-bag! Lol

    • Griffin Cooper

      Glad I could help!

  • Griffin Cooper

    Flame each other somewhere else – thread cleaned of stupidity.