Lineup Rant

Don Wakamatsu has put together today what is easily the worst lineup of the season. Take a look.

Ichiro RF

Figgins 2B

Gutierrez CF

Sweeney 1B

Bradley LF

Griffey DH

Tuiasosopo 3B

Johnson C

Wilson, Jo SS

I just have a few questions for you, Don.

Why is Casey Kotchman benched against a  RHP?

Why is Mike Sweeney starting against a RHP?

Why is Mike Sweeney playing 1B when he can’t play defense at all?

Why is Bradley playing LF when just 3 days ago you said he’d be DH’ing against RHP?

Why is Griffey playing?

Why isn’t Michael Saunders starting when just 3 days ago you said he’d be starting against RHP?

Why is Matt Tuiasosopo playing?

If you’ve decided that neither offense nor defense matter, why don’t we just dump all these big contracts of good players and put together a team full of replacement level 30 year olds?

I’d love some answers, Don, as I’m beginning to feel like you must be the worst manager at constructing lineups in all of baseball.

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