Tonight's Bad Decisions by Don Wakamatsu

I’ll try to go in chronological order.

  • Constructing a lineup that has Lopez batting cleanup, Griffey batting 5th, Milton Bradley batting 6th, and Casey Kotchman batting 7th, against a RHP
  • Pinch hitting Mike Sweeney for Jack Wilson in the bottom of the 9th inning with 1 out, the winning run on third base and Matt Tuiasosopo as our only backup infielder
  • Allowing Mike Sweeney to swing after the Rangers made the move to bring in submariner Darren O’Day
  • Having Franklin Gutierrez bunt with the winning run on 2nd base in the bottom of the 10th
  • Calling for an Eric Byrnes suicide squeeze in the bottom of the 10th with the bases loaded and 1 out

Obviously I realize not all the blame can go to Don Wakamatsu – the offense was just terrible all night. But Good Lord, Wak.

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  • Dogger

    I have been listening or watching M’s games since the first game with Diego Segui as a starter when I was 13. I cannot recall any game played so poorly in the final innings as tonights April 30th contest. Cliff Lee pitched fantastic, and the rest of the M’s were not ready to play.

    Final inning: M’s put the leagues two fastest players on first and second base; Ichiro and Figgins. Nobody out.

    One of the hottest players in baseball comes to the plate; Gut. He bunts the ball foul. He did what?! What could the team have gained by Gut bunting? Even if the bases were loaded, the team didn’t gain anything? Whose idea was this?! So, he gives away a strike and strikes out. What was Eric Byrnes doing? Is this Little League? I have never in my life seen someone pull back the bat on a squeeze play. I haven’t seen it done in Little League, High School, College, Minor’s or Major League. This can only be representative of a leadership problem.

    I told my 12 year old son that the baseball gods would not allow the Mariner’s to win after a performance like that. Of course, the Rangers put up two runs in the top of the next inning and the Mariners go down, one, two, three.

    Embarrassing, when one of the top pitchers in baseball makes his home debut, and the M’s pull off such a show of impotence. Coaches and leadership better stop this kind of bleeding fast.

    Dogger out.

  • Griffin Cooper

    Couldn’t agree more. The moves that need to be made are painfully obvious, too.

  • Gomez

    Not sure if it was his call, but taking the 1st pitch against Colby Lewis all night was a dumb idea as well since, once the M’s decided to just take that 1st pitch, he was just pumping strike one right down the pike every single time, knowing he was going to get an automatic 0-1 count. It’s often a better idea vs strike throwing machines like Colby Lewis to decide to take the 2nd pitch if the first pitch misses, and jump on that 1st pitch if it’s down the pipe.

  • Sean

    Yeah and your boy Garko absolutely sucks out there. Even worse than our crappy bench players.

  • Griffin Cooper

    Yeah, he’s bad, but could you have predicted that he’d be this bad before the season started? Don’t think anyone really could have.

  • Sean

    The M’s coaching staff. His swing looks really bad, so I’m sure it did at the time we released him. They knew.

  • Griffin Cooper

    Yeah and Mike Sweeney has just looked fantastic – Griffey, too!

  • Flojo

    It’s time to bench Griffey. Here’s all the data Jack Z. and Don Y. need.

    Bench Griffey

  • jeffsmariners

    Tues night Bases loaded and one out and the mariners bring Milton Bradly
    and ken Griffy Jr to the plate and both struck out its a sad day when
    bases load and cant get any production in the bats