Roster Scenarios

With both Cliff Lee and Jack Hannahan slated to be activated in the next week or so, there are obviously going to be some changes with the roster. This means that any way you slice it, at least two players that are currently on the 25-man roster will be either sent down or DFA’d.  So, here are a few scenarios.

I think we can start with the obvious, and safely assume that Jesus Colome will no longer be a Seattle Mariner after April 30th. He looked okay while he was here, but he’s clearly the odd man out in the current bullpen. So that’s one cut. As for the second player to be given the boot, I think there are a couple of possibilities.

Matt Tuiasosopo

This one is probably what the team is going to end up doing. While Tui is a pretty good hitter and a solid prospect, the fact that he’s so bad defensively makes him a pretty bad fit for the backup infielder role. If he can continue to work on his defense down in Tacoma, he’s got a shot at a solid career in a role other than DH, but for now, Jack Hannahan is just a much better option.

Ian Snell or Jason Vargas

With Don Wakamatsu having stated that RRS is safe and with Doug Fister looking so good, it pretty much comes down to Snell and Vargas as potential rotation cuts. In this scenario, we go back to a six man bullpen. Now, if you can remember a couple weeks back, we actually started the year with a six man pen, and it didn’t work out so well. Our starters weren’t getting deep enough in ballgames, and as a result we were going to the bullpen for a lot of innings and our relievers were getting worn out. But now, with Cliff Lee just about ready to join the rotation, and with guys like Vargas and Fister (at least for now) pitching better and getting deeper into games, it may be time to revisit the idea.

At this point, Vargas is probably safe, so one way or another, Snell almost certainly isn’t going to be in the rotation anymore. In all likelihood, this means he ends up in the bullpen, which should be interesting as he really isn’t the type of pitcher that would make a good reliever. But if the team does decide they want to cut him in favor of Matt Tuiasosopo and go back to the six man pen, there’s a pretty good chance they’d be able to pass him through waivers without any problems (assuming he’s out of options, as I’m not sure). Keep in mind, this is easily the less likely of the two scenarios, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Lastly, I just want to go over one more potential roster move that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Cliff Lee or Jack Hannahan being activated. Please, Jack Zduriencik, DFA Mike Sweeney. It was an interesting idea (although one that we already tried, unsuccessfully in 2009), but this DH platoon attempt has clearly run it’s course. Thank him for the last year and a half, send him packing, and give Ryan Langerhans the roster spot that he so clearly deserves. Our only two left field options being the injury prone Milton Bradley and Eric Byrnes just doesn’t cut it. Byrnes can’t hit righties, and starting him against them hurts this team. Ryan Langerhans is left handed, and a good defensive outfielder, and he gives us some much needed flexibility off of the bench.

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  • Andy Auger

    Once again, our offense sucks, makes you wonder if adding more bats would have done the trick? :)

    Lets see if it works this time too!

  • Taylor

    9-11 without Cliff Lee is pretty good, buddy. Besides, we don’t need as much offense as you think we do to win.

  • Andy Auger

    Last time I posted crap on here we reeled off a winning streak.

    Yes our offense sucks regardless, every team has a couple nice games, if you want to attempt to argue this offense is overall effective, lay off the herb because your wrong

  • Griffin Cooper

    This lineup would be acceptable (no, that doesn’t mean good), if the roster/lineup construction wasn’t so poor. Griffey should be a bench player, Sweeney shouldn’t have a roster spot, Jose Lopez should not be batting cleanup, Milton Bradley should not be hitting 6th (and should be the starting DH), Casey Kotchman should not be hitting 7th, etc. There’s a difference between a poor offense and poor management.

    Also, Milton Bradley and Chone Figgins are both struggling mightily and are far below their career marks. That isn’t something that’s going to keep up.

  • jeff engels

    Well I think Jack Z and Wak are mulling all this over.Barring any early season trade, I would send Coredero down and Put Vargas in the bullpen. I know he has pitched well but we need a lefty in the Bullpen.I’m still not sure that hitting Ichioro first followed by Figgins is going to work and wish we could try swapping them for a few games. Sweeney had a nice clutch base hit last night and he deserves a few more at bats.Ideally when and if Bedard comes back we can package up a couple of our starters out of the Snell/Vargas/RRS/Fister group for a genuine DH, and yes it may not be Gonzales from San Diego so lets be realistic.Ok thats it for now, looking forward to todays game.

  • Harrison

    Cordero isn’t on the team right now … I think you mean Colome. As for Vargas, he is much more valuable in the roation at this point and with the reverese splits of Shawn Kelley vs. lefties it makes very little sense to use any other person in that role.

    Regardless of that person being Vargas. There is no one in the orgainzation who is better at getting lefties out right now.

    Oh Jason Vargas also has a reverse split that makes him more effective against right handed batters. Thats due to the use of his plus change-up.

  • jeff engels

    I stand corrected I did mean Colome. And after the last two mediocre outings by Snell and RRS it would appear that Vargas will be in the rotation at least till when and if Bedard comes back. I guess the point I was trying to make is that a rotation made up of Felix,Lee,RRS,Vargas,Fister may be good for now but when Bedard returns we will be heavily tilted to lefthanded pitching in the rotation and no Leftys in bullpen and thought we might as well move Vargas to the pen now even though hes pitching well, as both Snell and RRS dont strike me as relievers.Of course Bedard isnt here and so my guess is Snell gets moved to the pen for now.We shall see I expect some sort of announcement tommorrow. Also Id like to see the Mariners get something for one or two of our extra starters in a trade to help offensively ,but again I doubt any trades will happen before we see how the Bedard situation unfolds. Great to be coming back home at 500, makes all these questions less pressing and more like luxury problems as lots of clubs don’t even have 5 starters we concievably could have 7 on our hands soon thus giving us some options.

  • Harrison

    It is nice to have that paded depth and looking down the road it’s not looking bad with French also at AAA and Pineda, Robels and Hensley in AA.

    I’m not against dealing a starter now and I think that Vargas may find himself a useful throw in. But, Saunders and most likely Triunfel are gone this summer or winter for a that much needed bat.

  • Griffin Cooper

    I think it’s far too early to say that Saunders is likely to be dealt this Summer. He’s an excellent prospect that this team is very high on and I doubt they would even consider letting him go unless an absolutely perfect deal was on the table. If we’re right in the race come July and it makes sense to make a win-now deal, the Mariners would be wise to go for someone who only has 1/2 year left in their deal, as a player like that is likely to come cheaper. Giving up your #2 prospect isn’t something to be taken lightly.

  • Harrison

    While I agree that it’s nothing to take a lightly and lest your forget I’m personally in love with Saunders.

    I do disagree on how the organization views him. They have handled very peculiarly in terms of opportunities and with the potential trade to Philadelphia. I’m under the impression he doesn’t stay with the Mariners.

    I’d be more than happy to be wrong, again I love Michael Saunders.

  • Griffin Cooper

    I feel like I can say that the organization is high on him without any real evidence to back me up, because this is a smart organization, and only a stupid one wouldn’t be high on a prospect like Michael Saunders. All of the Cliff Lee trade stuff that we heard about after wards was very strange, but to be fair, that trade would fall into the “perfect deal” category, even with Saunders involved.