If You Need a Reason Not to Panic

Obviously, there hasn’t been much to be optimistic about in this first week of the season. The offense has been atrocious, the pitching, though missing two of it’s three aces, has been inconsistent, and even the defense has looked rather shaky at times. Honestly, the way things have gone so far, I can’t really blame any of you that may be holding your finger over the panic button. However, this season is far from lost, and you really don’t need to look any further than the offense for assurance that things aren’t going to stay this bad.


Current line: .250/.314/.281

2009 line: .352/.386/.465

Career line: .333/.378/.433

Chone Figgins

Current line: .207/.294/.241

2009 line: .298/.395/.393

Career line: .291/.363/.388

Jose Lopez

Current line: .188/.212/.188

2009 line: .272/.303/.463

Career line: .271/.302/.410

Casey Kotchman

Current line: .200/.276/.400

2009 line: .268/.339/.382

Career line: .268/.336/.406

Milton Bradley

Current line: .045/.250/.182

2009 line: .257/.378/.397

Career line: .276/.370/.448

Jack Wilson

Current line: .240/.296/.280

2009 line: .255/.292/.362

Career line: .268/.310/.374

We talk a lot about cases in which abnormally good performances are unsustainable. Fortunately for the 2010 Mariners, it goes in the opposite direction as well. Unless you really believe that all of these guys, or any of them for that matter, have randomly become terrible hitters, then the offense is going to come around. Regression can be pleasant almost as often as it can be painful, and right now, aside from Jack Wilson, all of the aforementioned players have posted BABIPs far below their career averages (Milton Bradley’s is currently .000). I know it’s really tough to watch right now, but improvement is inevitable – it’s taking a lot longer than any of us would have liked, but hey, you know what they say about patience (something about it being a virtue).

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  • http://jeffsmariners.com jeff engels

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  • Andy Auger

    Don’t you just wish we had a Vladdy Guerrero/Adam LaRoche/Jason Bay for this offense right about now?

    Man… I’m not always right, but i’m right a good majority of the time…

    Told you we needed more offense to win… But no… we were going to be good enough with the status quo right?…


  • http://faniq edward hoey

    what is going on the offense has lost the sight of the pitch in the game and the game on the road i could bare to watch and then too come home and loose the home opener are we waiting for a miracle or is this the team that can get up and show we can do better the stats you posted says that but i really hope they start doing what their stats say. Thanks for nothing.

  • http://www.farfromport.wordpress.com Harrison

    Absolutely, nailed it Griffin. There will be a regression to the mean and when it happens there will be a short, albeit fun offensive explosion.

    The Mariners may not win the division but they aren’t going to lose another 90-100+ games.

  • http://sodomojo.com Griffin Cooper

    Are you making the decision that you were right on the basis of 8 games, Andy?

  • http://sodomojo.com/ Taylor

    Andy, if you continue to insist that Jason Bay would have improved this team as the everyday left fielder, this is the wrong blog for you. At SoDoMojo, we emphasize the importance of defense. Jason Bay is a horrendous defender. The value he would bring the team offensively would be instantly negated by his awful performance in the field. Jason Bay would make a great DH, but we already have Griffey and Sweeney.

    Additionally, chatspeak is not allowed on our blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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  • Andy Auger

    I’m making the decision I was dead on with the fact we need more offense considering Nelson Cruz has almost twice as many HR’s as our entire team and we have only scored 21 runs in eight games.

    When we rank in the middle of the league in offense, (what you said we would be able to do if I recall), I will admit I am wrong.

    Until then, this offense stinks just like I feared, our best slugger is hitting in the 0′s… I have every right to be skeptical.

    I didn’t just list Jason Bay, we passed on affordable options like Vlad and Adam LaRoche as well.

    I’m all for a defensive/pitching mindset, but you can’t win games no matter how good you are at those aspects when you’re scoring less then 3 runs per game. You have to have SOME offense.

  • http://sodomojo.com Griffin Cooper

    You can’t judge an offense on 8 games. Talk to me in May.

  • Andy Auger

    When they’re still below .500,

    Still near the bottom of the league in offense,

    Still getting outscored by opponents,

    Oh I most certainly will want to hear you tell me how I am wrong, lol.

    May it is.

  • http://sodomojo.com Griffin Cooper


  • http://sodomojo.com/ Taylor

    Andy, chatspeak is not allowed. Please refrain from using “lol”