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Game Recap (1-4)

The M’s aren’t giving us much to cheer about so far.  The offense has been abysmal, the pitching sub-par, and the defense the only thing keeping our ship afloat.  So should we start to panic?  Of course not; it’s been five games.  There are still 157 games to play.

Reasons for hope and optimism and sunshine:

  • Vargas started out really, really well.  The Rangers are a really good offensive ballclub, and Jason fended them off like a boss.  All of his pitches were working and were it not for his rough 6th inning, he might have gone seven strong innings.
  • Casey Kotchman hit an absolute bomb in the 8th inning.  And I mean a bomb.  He smacked that pitch like it was Brett Myers’ wife.
  • Felix is starting tomorrow.
  • 5 games is an incredibly small sample size of games out of which to extrapolate how the M’s might do over the course of the entire season.
  • Cliff Lee will only be missing 4 weeks, not 6 weeks, of the season.  He’ll most likely be taken off the DL at the end of the month.
  • Coach Owens has returned to the blogosphere.  Let the genocide of memes commence!

Incredibly, the Texas twitterers managed to out-tweet the M’s twitterers over the course of the game, according to’s “Pulse of the Game.”  This seems unlikely.

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