First Roster Cuts

The Mariners made their first Spring Training roster cuts today. Real interesting? No. Not at all, but hey, it’s news and something to post. Anyhow, we can pretty much break the cut players down into three groups.

Uninteresting players that we knew had no chance:

Luis Oliveros, Chris Seddon, Steven Shell, Ryan Feierabend

Talented Players that we knew had no chance:

Steven Baron, Mauricio Robles, Josh Fields


Players we thought might have somewhat of a chance and are somewhat good:

Nick Hill

I’m a little bit surprised Hill got cut so early – I figured they would at least keep him around long enough to partake in somewhat of a battle for either a long-relief role or the 5th spot in the rotation. Evidently they just don’t feel he’s ready yet, and they’re probably right. Don’t forget about Nick Hill, though, as we’ll almost certainly be hearing about him again. Still battling for those two spots are Jason Vargas, Doug Fister, Luke French, Garrett Olson. The smart money remains on Vargas and Fister making the big league team. We’ll see.

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