Dave Sims' Top Five Calls of 2009

I just had to do it. He’s so awesome. Note that these are just links to MLB.com videos. Also note that these really aren’t in any particular order.

5. April 14th, Mariners beat Angels in home opener on Yuniesky Betancourt walk-off bunt.

4. April 15th, Mariners beat Angels 11-3, Ichiro’s grand slam in first game back.

3. June 19th, Mariners beat Diamondbacks 4-3, Griffey’s pinch-hit, game tying home run.

2. August 25th, Mariners beat A’s on Ryan Langerhans walk off HR.

1. September 19th, Mariners beat Yankees (and Mariano Rivera) on Ichiro walk off HR.

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