Mariners Reportedly Close to One Year Deal with Bedard

We all saw the rumors from Jim Street over the last few days, speculating that the Mariners were “close” to bringing back Bedard on a one year, $1.5 million deal with “a shipload” of incentives. Most of us looked at that with a “let’s just wait and see” type of mindset, but now it appears to be at least partially accurate. This just came in from Jon Morosi’s Twitter about 20 minutes ago:

@jonmorosi source confirms that Bedard is close to a one-year deal with the #Mariners. #MLB

This is a good thing. Even though Bedard won’t be ready to get back on the mound until May at the very earliest, he’s really good when he’s healthy, and significantly better than RRS. This also probably means that Jarrod Washburn will not be returning to Seattle, so maybe Mike Salk can finally move on. More on this once there are some details available.

Taylor’s Note: For the Jim Street bashers out there, please reconsider.  Jim is a stand-up guy, and the idea that he makes up half of his scoops is preposterous.  Those who believe otherwise are flat-out wrong.  Just wanted to put that out there.

Griffin’s Note: I still don’t like Jim Street.

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  • michael illingworth

    You have to like the move. its not like the money is that much so either you get rewarded with a great pitching staff or your out a couple million and you still have a solid pitching rotation and roster flexibility and financial flexibility to pick up another starter at the trade deadline.

  • Mike

    I dont like Street either but the individuals bashing him probably owe him an apology if Bedard does actually sign with the M’s

  • Nick Emmett

    Hopefully the Mariners will have enough payroll flexibility to add one more starting pitcher.I wouldn’t be excited to see 2 to 3 months of Vargas/Fister in the rotation.