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Finally some interesting stuff happening today. First, word is from Venezuelan reporter Francisco Blavia that we’re on the verge of signing Franklin Gutierrez to a four year deal with a club option for 2014. Guti is arbitration eligible for 3 more seasons, so it would only buy out 1-2 year of free agency – however, guaranteeing a couple more years of Franklin Gutierrez is still great news. Still unofficial, but apparently close.

Edit, 2:06 PM: Ken Rosenthal is reporting it as a done deal

Secondly, a few difference sources have been reporting over the last hour that the Mariners are “close to acquiring Casey Kotchman from the Red Sox, for at least one minor leaguer”. Kotchman is a fairly light-hitting first baseman with a well above-average glove, and looks to be a 1-2 win player next year. In reality, he probably wouldn’t be a huge upgrade over Mike Carp. However, at this point for the Mariners, every added win is a big one. Kotchman is arbitration eligible both this season and in 2011, and will probably be paid somewhere in the $4-5 million range for 2010.

Edit, 3:14 PM: I was speculating earlier on Twitter that Bill Hall made the most sense if there was a “Major League role player” & cash involved, and I was apparently right.

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  • Mariners Fan

    I’d rather have Branyan back.
    Kotchman’s not a big power bat.
    I mean sure we’ll gladly take him if we’re trading Bill Hall to them.

  • Griffin Cooper

    The issue with Branyan is clearly injuries. There’s a good chance the Mariners decided not to bring him back once he declined their original contract offer and stated that he wanted 2 years. The injury risk is just too much to commit 2 years to him.

  • Chad

    Agreed, but Kotchman? Egh…

  • Mariners Fan

    Well I mean sure the injury risk is a little high but Mariners need that offense. He’s a power guy and I think he has the potential (if he can stay healthy) to get 35+ HR. Jack Z obviously chose him last offseason because he knew that he could improve the Mariners offense.
    I think if we do bring back Branyan, we would have Kotchman there to fill in.

    See where I’m getting at?

  • Griffin Cooper

    If they both weren’t left handed it might be more realistic, but I just don’t see it happening. As for the power, yes, home runs are nice, but home run power is severely overrated, and you can have a good team without a lot of it. Right now I’d expect our lineup to look something like this:

    1. Ichiro
    2. Figgins
    3. Lopez
    4. Bradley
    5. Guti
    6. Kotchman
    7. Saunders/Langerhans/whoever is playing left field
    8. Wilson
    9. Moore/Johnson

    That’s probably only about a 90-110 HR lineup. Yet, collectively it’s not that bad. Excellent at the top, obviously, and Lopez, while not good enough to be a #3 hitter on a better offensive team, will at least provide some pop. Bradley has been an above average hitter for the last 7 years, and if he stays healthy he could certainly put up a .370-.400 wOBA.

    Gutierrez will be above average offensively and is likely to be a more than competent #5 hitter. From there, it gets a little bit more bleak, but both Saunders and Moore have potential to be above average hitters (Saunders is much more likely to break out this season), Wilson isn’t nearly as bad as he looked in 2009, and Kotchman is only a slightly below average hitter, with potential to be average.

    Our lineup is by now means a great lineup, but it’s not as awful or inept as a lot of people are making it out to be. Really should have given this it’s own post, but whatever. Well, Taylor, Harrison, don’t write a post about this. I’m gonna do it and go more in depth tomorrow.

  • Mariners Fan


    I mean, since we don’t have a lot of HR power, I think it’d be in Jack’s best interest to give our team some power (despite him saying that the team is being built around defense).

    This is how I’d see our line-up look if we started now:

    1. Ichiro RF
    2. Figgins 3B
    3. Lopez 2B
    4. Bradely LF
    5. Gutierrez CF
    6. Griffey DH
    7. Kotchman 1B
    8. Wilson SS
    9. Moore/Johnson C

    However, I would like it to look like this (if we do have some sort of money left to spend on free agents (I think we have $15 mil left).):

    1. Ichiro RF
    2. Figgins 3B
    3. Branyan 1B
    4. Bradely LF
    5. Gutierrez CF
    6. Hudson 2B
    7. Griffey DH
    8. Wilson SS
    9. Moore/Johnson C

    Few last things:
    1. I keep hearing rumors that Mariners are interested in Hudson. Do you think we have enough to spend on him?
    2. I also heard that since Griffey resigned, that he would be able to get more playing time in the outfield (because of his surgery prior to his signing). What do you think?
    3. Do you think there’s any other decent power bats out there (20+ HR guys besides LaRoche) that we can spare?

    I know I’m being cliche by thinking that all we have left to do is fill out a big power bat.
    I’m not saying that.

    I’m just saying I don’t think we’re just fine off of what we have now. I think Branyan can be a HUGE factor of offense this upcoming season.

  • Griffin Cooper

    I really need to get to sleep so I’ll make this really quick.

    1: We might but only if we trade Lopez
    2: No. I expect Griffey to be a bench player with the occasional start at DH. He’s 40.
    3: LaRoche wants a stupid amount of money. If we sign another position player this off season it’s probably going to be a right handed outfielder, maybe a right handed first baseman.

  • Harrison

    Just from what I’ve heard the problem with Orlando Hudson is simply he’s hesitant to come back to the American League. He really likes the national league parks and has a bias.

  • Mariners Fan


    I think what we have left to do this offseason is:
    Sign/trade for a power hitting guy(s), and sign/trade for a couple pitchers (to define our bullpen and starting rotation).

  • Harrison

    The Bullpen is fine… starting rotation could stand to add a more traditional third starter. Aaron Harang would be cool.

    A Power hitter while always nice isn’t needed. This team is not being modeled in the traditional sense. It’s been succesful for other teams before (specifically in the 80′s) and it will work for us. Give it a chance.

  • Mariners Fan

    I don’t know just yet.

    Although we’re a defensive team, I think we need that one guy that can blast out 30+ HR for us. And that guy is Branyan.

  • Griffin Cooper

    All I can say Mariners Fan is that home run power is overrated, and you don’t need big home run hitters to win. We aren’t the over the top favorites in the AL West, but with this current roster we’re already set to contend, even if we don’t add any more pieces. About to write a big article about that. Just need to go download excel.

  • Mariners Fan

    Sure homerun power is ‘overrated’. Sure homeruns aren’t the only way to get runs in. But all I’m saying is that we could use a little power in our line up.