Morrow to the Jays?

Word from Ken Rosenthal is that Brandon Morrow has been traded to the Blue Jays for RHP Brandon League and an unknown prospect. League is a good late innings guy, so he should be nice to have, but there’s absolutely no way to make any real judgments on this deal until we have an inkling as to who the prospect is.  More info as it becomes available.

Edit, 9:26 PM: The name being thrown around right now is JP Arencibia. He’s a 23 year old catcher, and he’s not all that special. If it is just him and League for Morrow, this trade confuses me a little bit. I don’t see why we’d need both Arencibia and Moore, so if he in fact is part of the trade, I’d expect us to flip him – Moore is better anyway.

Edit, Tuesday: So what it’s looking like now is that it’s Johermyn Chavez – a big outfielder who fits the Wladimir Balentien mold. If this is really all the trade is, just Morrow for League and Chavez, I’m a little bit baffled. Don’t really see the point. I guess every move can’t be brilliant.


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  • Jon

    I’m tellin’ ya… Zduriencik is doing his best Billy Beane impression here. Wallace!

    *fingers crossed

  • Griffin Cooper

    That would be excellent

  • Chad

    If it is JP, then I imagine that the only thing that would make sense, is for Jack Z to be planning on trading either JP or Moore away for a big bat or something. Other wise, it wouldn’t really make a bit of sense.

  • Chad

    Another strange thing about this, is the fact that the Mariners have been looking for a lefty in the bullpen, which League is not. Strange….

  • Mat Germain

    I don’t think it will be a prospect as high ranking as JP Arencibia, but you never know I guess. I could see it being Brian Dopirak instead, who will now lose his role as future 1B due to the arrival of Brett Wallace. The Jays do know Brian deserves a shot in MLB after his strong 2009, and the Mariners need a 1B.

    Arancibia is the Jays C of the future and can hit 30+ Hrs. He broke Alex Rodriguez’s high school HR record and can mash with the best of them. His 2009 was disappointing, but he alone would be worth Morrow without League included, so I can’t see him being the add in.

  • Mat Germain

    I posted what this means for the Blue Jays at if anyone wants to take a peak.

  • Chad

    looks like the prospect is a big kid that plays OF…tons of power. Johermyn Chavez