Mariners, Phillies, and Jays Agree on Three Way Trade, Lee Likely to Mariners

Still waiting to find out who we’re giving up, God I’m terrified.

UPDATE: While it’s still unclear as to the specifics of the deal, it looks pretty definite that Halladay is going to the Phillies, Lee is coming to the Mariners, and we’re at least giving up Aumont. Other prospects rumored to be included on the Mariners end are Tyson Gillies and Juan Ramirez. According to Shannon Drayer, other names such as Brandon Morrow and Shawn Kelley could be involved. If we can pull this off without giving up Saunders or Morrow, we come out smelling like roses. If we only have to give up one of them, it’s still a pretty sweet deal.

Here’s a tweet from Jon Heyman:

“lee is in deal to #mariners. great job by them. halladay should agree to philly contract. might take a day or 2.”

It’s also being reported that this deal is unlikely to become official before Wednesday. Analytical post to follow, once more details are available.

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