Texas Attempting to Load Up?

Texas is supposedly finalizing a trade to send catcher Max Ramirez to Boston in return for third baseman Mike Lowell, which would presumably allow for an Adrian Beltre signing (sorry Griffin).  Lowell hasn’t played more than 120 games since 2009, and he’s 35.  He swings a nice bat, but UZR didn’t like his defense one bit in 2009, dropping from 15.6 in 2008 to -14.4 this past season. And Texas would apparently take on most of his 2009 contract.  It’s clear that the Rangers are trying to make “big moves” to contend with the Angels for the AL west crown, but boy are they doing it wrong.


In other news, the Rays have acquired former Mariner Rafael Soriano in return for Jesse Chavez, bolstering their bullpen significantly.  JP Howell can return to a set-up role with Soriano in the ninth.  Yet another nice move by Andrew Friedman.


The Astros have signed Pedro Feliz to play third in 2010 for 4.5 million dollars.  Feliz was a monster defensively back in the day, but both his bat and his defense have cooled off as he’s aged.  I like this move.  It’s not flashy, but it’s a decent move.


Mariners explore a trade for Adrian Gonzalez!  What could be bad about that?  http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/10503472/Sources:-Mariners-still-active-on-many-fronts

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